Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day Week

I hope you all had a fantastic Labor Day! This week we had our first trip to the library. Your student may bring library books home. It is the responsibility of your child to bring them back to school and return them, though. Packets were also sent home this week for our annual fundraiser. Students were very excited at our assembly this afternoon as they saw the various prizes they could earn. Good luck helping your student reach his or her selling goal!

In math this week, we have been working on using calculators to solve problems, finding differences, and the language of chance. Students learned a new game this week titled the Number-Grid Difference Game. Ask your child about this game and possibly try it out at home!

Check for understanding is the comprehension strategy we have been focusing on throughout this week. Students have loved reading books independently and applying the strategy by asking who and what questions at the end of each page they read.

In writing, we have been writing personal narratives. Students have chosen a wide range of topics including 8 Days of Hope, Adventureland, the Iowa State Fair, and Summer. As we have been writing these, we have been discussing the four types of sentences, subjects and predicates, and word choice. I am very proud of the students' writing. They have been working diligently on their final draft and we hope to have them finished soon!

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