Friday, September 30, 2011

Field Trip!

This week we have been very excited to participate in homecoming activities. Students enjoyed seeing all of the crazy hats, pajamas, and orange and black outfits! Students also decorated pictures to hang in the hallway on a poster. At the assembly this morning, we discovered that our classroom poster won third place out of all of the decorations in the hallway for homecoming. We also got to meet cheerleaders and football players. The cheerleaders even let us participate in some of their cheers!

Pick a Healthy Snack was also this morning. Your child should be bringing home a "Superstar Sheet" to keep track of how many dairy products they are eating each day. Ask your child about what kinds of snacks they should be eating and what kinds of snacks they got to try today.

This afternoon we went on our field trip! Students enjoyed everything we did! In particular, students really enjoyed making inventions to carry a pea pod away from the playground where they dropped it. Students also enjoyed learning how to whistle using an acorn cap.

Overall, this has been an exciting week! Students have been learning about picking healthy snacks, plants and animals, friendships, and using part-part-whole diagrams to solve story problems. Please ask your child to share some of his or her new learning with you.

Thank-you for all that you do!
Miss Ritland

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